Zande explanation of life as spirits after death

The author of this essay reflects on explanation of how the dead become atoro (spirits) and live on. Culturally it is explanied that the spirit escapes the body at death and become spirits that offer divine-like services to the living. Their services may have positive or negative influences on us mortals. While this explanation is against Christian doctrines, still some elements of the explanation live on

Termites —Zande delicacy

Bambombo was the local term given to a deadly poison that was meant to destroy termites in Nakpazigi village of Nzara town. Bambombo instead was used as a weapon of mass destruction for fish and other living organism in the nearby rivers. Why would  a Zande spare termites and destroy fish instead? The answer lies [...]

Is marriage losing its cultural meaning among Azande?

What is your marital status? Single       married      . If married, how long have you been married? These are some of the questions that appear on forms about marriage. But Zande cultural meaning of marriage goes farther than Merriam Webster dictionary definition ‘the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized [...]